This Candle Soothes Anxiety
Light this candle before or during the meetings to help you stay composed throughout the sessions.
Rs. 1,199.00
This Candle Boosts Focus
Light this candle during bursts of high-productivity work sessions to help you stay focused and enhance productivity.
Rs. 1,199.00
Black Beauty

Energetic aroma for the people with substance.

Its peculiar exhilarating fragrance boosts energy and concentration. The fresh and verdure scent promotes feelings of clarity and calmness. This should be your pick for a deep work session.

Rs. 820.00
Treasure Island

An elegant fragrance with a touch of watery notes.

Its breezy floral fragrance brings the impression of the perfect summer evening. The cool and relaxing scent gives you supreme freshness. Light it in the evening shower or during your evening read, always the best choice.

Rs. 820.00