Arabian Nights

An exotic yet romantic blend of mesmerizing fragrances with a touch of Arabic notes.

Its marvelous and characteristic scent takes on a mystic vacation. Its subtle and rich aroma is a perfect fit for a candle-lit dinner.

Rs. 820.00
Treasure Island

An elegant fragrance with a touch of watery notes.

Its breezy floral fragrance brings the impression of the perfect summer evening. The cool and relaxing scent gives you supreme freshness. Light it in the evening shower or during your evening read, always the best choice.

Rs. 820.00

Floral notes of rich lavender fragrance that's soft and gratifies the mood.

A fragrance that lights up your mood, relaxes the human body, and helps to heal you within. Experience everything that's fresh, floral, and gentle. A perfect pick to end an exhausting day with a serene candle.

Rs. 820.00
Black Beauty

Energetic aroma for the people with substance.

Its peculiar exhilarating fragrance boosts energy and concentration. The fresh and verdure scent promotes feelings of clarity and calmness. This should be your pick for a deep work session.

Rs. 820.00
Satin Soft

The smoothness of rich satin that's fresh and enchanting as "She". This exotic fragrance blend creates an alluring aroma when the candle is lit, with a refreshing and elegant feel. The rich and soft tones of the scent, transmits a spirit of warmth and passion.

This delicate, bright and fresh fragrance is perfect for your patio coffee or a date night!

Rs. 820.00

Surround yourself with an environment of peace and calmness. This soothing fragrance, helps you attain bliss and induce calm by reducing the stress levels in your body.

The floral tones in the fragrance helps in calming of your mind and body, relieving anxiety and mild depression. This candle from our collection, is a perfect pick for relaxation and feeling calm during the day.

Rs. 820.00
No Smoking

This rich and mature scent creates an ambience that reminds you of a perfect winter barbeque night. The aroma is slightly smoky and comfortingly sweet at the same time.

As the name suggests, the 'No Smoking' candle has a hidden secret that casts a spell with its warm and heavenly fragrance and mixes with tobacco smoke to reduce its strong odor. This comforting and unique scent is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys such aura.

Rs. 820.00